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Starting a band.

Posted 5 days ago by Cause and Defect. 27 views.

Band members wanted in Campbell, California, United States.

Campbell, California, United States

bass player drummer keyboardist metal punk rock

Im starting a band called cause and defect. Right now i have 7 songs nearly recorded for an album I am releasing. I have a handful more songs that i havent started on yet.

The band is currently myself and my daughter, both playing guitar and I am doing the singing.

We need a bassist, drummer and keyboard player to help work on new songs for the album and to play shows.

We are not looking to be a bar band. The goal here is to tour the planet.

I am 38 and primarily play and 8 string guitar, but this is not a djent band. We are heavily influenced by metal, punk and 90’s sludge.

I have a few songs you can sample by request.

No age or gender requirements, only things we want are people passionate about making music a career and can play our simple songs.

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