Seek 21 - 30 smtg female singer-musician

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bass player guitarist - rythm keyboardist singer songwriter vocalist - backing blues rock cover / tribute pop reggae rhythm and blues rock

Band members wanted in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Must be already in or coming to Europe

With a background of decades-long professional musical history (signed with MGM, toured with world famous bands & artists), a thick pile of good to GREAT originals in many genres, this unusual proposal/request/offer relates to the fact that the water along the shorelines is rising and while the "world" is going down (don't worry: this is a fun AND necessarily money-making mass-mkt enterprise .... NO "politics", etc., involved!) >>

What is needed, noting that the entire OBJECT is to use the member/performers' personas, attitudes and personal behavior to merely ILLUSTRATE/demonstrate on the World Stage (once we get re-signed with a major label, etc.) -- subtly and without overt words. lectures, teaching or preaching -- the simple fact that regardless of whatever problems occur onstage and in interviews we quickly make ourselves happy:

The more people that subconsciously COPY this, the more will be able to escape the "Matrix" of their genes and the institutions which plug into that and control them .... and thus be more able to "pull their OWN strings" and make their OWN "mistakes", some of which will actually work, instead of following the blatant stupidity of others.

Kiki :)

send send vocal sample, recent pics incl. standing, preferably while performing onstage, bio AND your eMail address

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